Don’t Analyze the Pro’s Swings…

Analyze Yours!

It’s just not enough to look at the stats on the screen. We are so accustomed to watching the Pros tee it up that we sometimes imagine ourselves in their cleats. But sometimes, don’t you just want to see YOU? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see yourself … hands, feet, shoulders … the good, the bad and the ugly? … at regular speeds, slo-mo and freeze-frame? In color? Try aG Flix™, the best video analysis technology in the industry.

Even better, have one of our PGA Pro’s give you a lesson with the ultimate in feedback and results. Call us today to schedule a lesson.

Our Pro’s

George Connor

George Connor, PGA has been teaching and coach for over 25 years.  He runs ConnorGolf with Farmington Woods Country Club as his home base.  He is currently working with players on the PGA LatinoAmerican Tour, PGA Tour Canada and the European Challenge Tour in addition to introducing players to the game and helping competitive players develop their golf skills.  He has been named twice by the Connecticut Section PGA as the Teacher of the Year.  George is a Certified Aimpoint Instructor, New Rules Golf Coach Certified and is certified by the SeeMore Putting Institute. He authored “Drill Your Way to Great Putting”

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Lesson Rate $125 per hour

Scott Knights

Scott Knights, Head Golf Professional at Glastonbury Hills  has years of experience teaching all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned players. He offers individual, packages and group lessons designed to enhance your ability and understanding of the game of golf.

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Lesson Rate $100 per hour